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The Power of Equanimity

Daily Inspiration: January 12, 2020


What we focus on is what gets attracted back to us. This is why spiritual teachers from time immemorial have said to put your mind on God, focus on the positive, and envision your positive outcome.

This is very good advice, but today I want to discuss the "monkey mind" of resistant thought.

Notice that when we mentally segment the good from the bad, the Divine from the world, the desired from the non-desired, we end up categorizing things. When we categorize situations, people, and things, it becomes easy to slip into the habit of fixating on what we don't want and what we don't desire.

Be honest with yourself - has your mind ever gotten caught in the circular reference of resistance? By this I mean a repetitive do-loop of over thinking situations, people, and things, which leads to developing a plan on what to reduce in your lives, how to resist a situation, and how to avoid negative people and influences.

So now you have a plan to resist. So now you must implement this plan (to resist, to avoid). This inevitably means you focus on it.

So now, you may have also experienced that no matter how much you try to resist something it keeps showing up! It's like - Oh My Gosh - I can't get rid of this thing, situation, person, etc.

Why? Because you focused on it.

The secret? The yogi does not resist anything that comes to them in life. The yogi is perfectly equanimous, calm, composed, and even-tempered in all situations. Yes, he/she will use discernment to put themselves in the right environment of course, but when something comes to them, they accept it without resistance. They accept it all as God's Grace.

In doing so, they avoid the very first misstep which is of mental categorization of the "good and the bad" and the "desired and not desired".

Today, treat everything that comes to you with total equanimity. Watch your reactions to situations and people. If anything becomes emotionally charged, catch yourself, be in acceptance, and remember it's all God's grace.

What we think of as "bad" is always the servant of the good. What we think of as "challenging" is there to help us grow.

It's all God's Grace.

Set your tuning to the power of non-resistant thought, of acceptance, and your entire life will flower in Divinity.

Jai Maa!



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