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The Prayer Fellowship

Bringing Healing, Contentment, Harmony, and much more...

Sometimes we just need a little support and help from our family, friends, and community. 

It is for these moments that the Lalita Chandika Prayer Fellowship offers prayers for the family, friends, and associates of the Temple.

 Countless lives can be healed through the power of prayer and faith. 

Enlist the support of the Lalita Chandika Prayer Fellowship to get you and your loved ones through difficult times.


Every weekend we will light a candle for those in need and pray for them in our weekend spiritual worship. 


Recharge your spirit, increase your vitality, improve your health, and bring confidence and courage to your life. Open up to the Goddesses' healing energy by filling out the Prayer Request Form. 

My Prayer Request: 
Can We Contact You?
General prayer description (if comfortable sharing)

Thanks for submitting your prayer request.  Your request has has been added to our weekend spiritual worship. Jai Maa!

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