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The temple is currently finishing renovations with an expected completion date by the end of December of 2018.

Between now and the time the temple is officially re-open, there will be special private events, such as Saturday evening chanting and kirtan, Sunday morning Chandi Path, or private retreats with Shree Maa.

Join Us! 



The Lalita Chandika Temple is the only temple dedicated to the Goddess’ Lalita and Chandi in the world.


The temple envisions to recreate and make the Divine Mother worship thrive in all its forms and aspects - so you can learn, grow, and move closer to Her!

Traditions and scriptures will be taught, practiced and preserved for future generations, which is one of the temple's key objectives. 


Your involvement in this great endeavor will ensure that the sacred study and rituals are kept alive and kept intact for generations to come.

Come on! Join Us! This is your opportunity to shine!


Contact us to learn about events and volunteer opportunities.

Connection and Fellowship

Join the temple's exclusive community, who is serious about learning and knowing the deeper secrets of sacred Vedic scriptures and Sadhana. 

Fellowship members will have access to a holistic view of

  • vedic living

  • mantras and puja

  • traditional yoga

  • ayurvedic cooking

  • energy healing

  • spiritual counseling

  • vedic  astrology


Be part of special events, learn ancient rituals, and attend fellowship trips to India.  Explore and go deeper into Divine Mother consciousness.  

Weekly Programs
Sri Yantra Puja in Chadika Devalaya, Yuba City, CA

This is a general list of weekly programs at the Lalita Chandika Temple. The programs will now all be Online until the pandemic lifts.  

  • Saturday evening, 5:30 pm (please note Saturday Satsanghs are on hold due to Covid): Hanuman puja, bhajans, spiritual readings, discourse, followed by prasad. This program will be announced. 

  • Sunday morning, 9:00 am:  Lalita Sahasranama online chanting with Pujari Rajeshwarananda  (this program will be announced through the Newsletter.  Please sign up!)

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