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Vedic Wisdom

Sanatana Dharma at Your Fingertips


Daily Inspiration

Series of Short Daily Posts

Get inspired with Gems of Wisdom designed to take your spiritual practices and daily life to the next level.


Lalita Sahasranama

The 1000 Names of Lalita Devi

Chant the powerful Lalita Sahranama which is complete yogic sadhana onto itself. Jai Maa!


Lakshmi Ashtakam

Eight Powerful Verses for Lakshmi

Learn the beautiful Lakshmi Ashtakam which will bring the eight forms of wealth into your life. 


Understand the Goddess

Series of Articles on the Navadurgas

Learn about the nine forms of Durga and the underlying Shakti (energy) which creates the Universe.


Navaratri Bhavana

Series of Articles on Navaratri Worship

Learn the basics of why and how to worship the Goddess, then build to the more complicated.  


Maha Lakshmi

Series of Articles on Lakshmi & Diwali

Learn how to worship the Goddess of Wealth and how to retain Her; understand the significance of Diwali.

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