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The Cycle of Abundance Begins with Giving

Daily Inspiration: January 7, 2020


The Divine IS abundance. Lord Shiva is the Consciousness of Infinite Goodness. The Divine Mother is the infinite abundance of Shakti that creates all there is - all resources, joy, health, meaningful relationships, food and grain, etc.

There is nothing wrong with abundance, but for our old limiting beliefs. Let's do a checkup. On a scale of 0 to 10 where is your abundance meter:

  • Zero equating to limiting beliefs on abundance (such as a weak sense of self worthiness to receive, I don't deserve it, sense of guilt and shame that comes from beliefs like, "money doesn't grow on trees" or "the root of evil is money")

  • 10 equating to the understanding that you are a child of God and it is your birthright to receive abundantly in all aspects of life.

So where are you?

For all of the limiting beliefs out there, have you ever have stepped back and wondered why the God's and Goddess' we worship are portrayed decked out in beautiful silk cloth saris and robes with fancy embroideries, royal crowns, and elaborate jewels?

If abundance is so selfish, so guilt-infested, and we believe we are so unworthy to receive it, then why do we portray the God's and Goddess' so lavishly?

Because somewhere in our human psyche we realize that Divine Nature is abundance itself. Perhaps it's time to re-tune some of our old limiting beliefs on abundance to the frequency of the Divine.

Listen in - you weren't created to squeak by in life, merely able to make ends meet, with a lack of empowerment. You weren't created to be weak. That's completely contrary to the Divine Nature that you worship.

It's time to envision a new life. A life where you claim your abundance in all aspects- an abundance of love, an abundance of spiritual wealth, an abundance of physical wealth, an abundance of joy, an abundance of health.

Envision a life where you live with passion and give 100% of yourself to each and every endeavor. That is a life that gives back to the world. That is a life that inspires others to make progress and improve.

Stop for a second and just envision it:

  • How much joy can you share when you are filled to the brim with joy?

  • How many resources can you use to help others when you have taken care of your basic needs?

  • How much spiritual wisdom can be taught through your example when you are steeped in Dharma and Truth?

There is no limit to God's grace. Think about how your world can change with an abundant mindset.

So many of us have given, have served, have helped others. By no means was this a waste of your time. By no means are your blessings limited. For those that Give will Receive, and this is what perpetuates the Cycle of Abundance. Take the first step - GIVE, even if it's a friendly smile. Just start the cycle.

Change your mindset and the blessings will find you - be it the promotion you always wanted, the relationship, the family, the physical and emotional healing, the inheritance, whatever it is.

Wake up every morning with the belief that it has already happened, live your day contributing to the world as if it has already happened, and rest assured, it will find you.

So when you get down and weary. When you feel discouraged and have lost hope. Take another swing at it. Take another shot at your goals. Go all-in, 100%, for you don't know when the fruit will land, but land it will.

Jai Maa!



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