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Stay Centered in the Midst of a Storm

Daily Inspiration: January 29, 2020


Life's turbulence and uncertainties never exclude anyone. No one gets a free pass down the Easy Lane of life. Yesterday for example, I was caught in the middle of a challenging and unexpected conversation at work that could have blown up into something very serious.

Certainly you too have experienced times where everything seems chaotic, uncertain, stressful, or even downright fearful.

These situations are part of life - maybe you are going through a relationship difficulty, an employment problem, a health challenge, or even a lawsuit. No doubt, situations like these propel our minds into racing thoughts of panic, anxiety, and fear.

While all storms do pass, what is the best way to handle life's challenging situations, especially if they bombard our day unexpectedly? Can peace be found right there in the moment of chaos?

Nature can be one of our best teachers, so I will use an example of serious storms, such as tornados and hurricanes. These storms can wreak havoc and chaos to all things that come into contact with it.

The strong, blowing winds in circular fashion toss debris here and there like a child throwing a toy across the room. The potential for damage is huge as things are lifted up, torn apart, and boom - slammed back down.

But in the midst of all this chaos and danger, there is a place of peace and calm. It is in the "eye" of the storm - right in the center of the storm there is safety and peace.

So in any given situation, peace can be found if you know where to look for it - if you know how to find your "center". Through sadhana and meditation, we become more and more aware of our peaceful center. We learn to move to that place when things go crazy in the outside world.

I was fortunate that Shree Maa gave to me a beautiful sankalpa to perform over Navaratri. Remember I discussed my work challenge? Well, I was a few days into this sadhana when I was confronted by a storm. I immediately moved to a place of peace instead of engaging or defending. The sadhana helped remind me of my "Center of Peace" and the situation was resolved instead of escalated.

In the midst of your life's storm, find your center, the Center of Peace. Be still and resist the temptation to engage or control the storm with your mental chatter and worry.

Just stay in the center.

You, in turn, will be an Instrument of Peace, not only for the challenging situation, but also for all those people around you.

Jai Maa!



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