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Skandamata Devi

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

(5) Goddess who Nurtures Divinity, Skandamata

ॐ देवी स्कन्दमातायै नमः॥

Om Devi Skandamatayai Namah॥

On this Path to Perfect Attainment given to us by the nine forms of the compassionate Durga, we now learn about Skandamata Devi, the Goddess who Nurtures Divinity.

She is the fifth Goddess worshipped on the fifth day of Navaratri.

But, before we get too far, let’s step back and calibrate the steps we have taken so far and summarize the Path.

First we became inspired (Shailaputri Devi) to learn the sacred scriptures (Brahmacharini Devi), and to practice sadhana (Chandraghanta Devi) in an effort to purify ourselves in such a way that all of our actions become tapasya (Kushmanda Devi).

The fifth Goddess, Skandamata Devi, supports and nurtures our divinity, enabling our spirituality to blossom as it envelopes everything we touch.

It is believed that Mother Durga married Lord Shiva for the purpose of blessing the Devas with a commander-in-chief to lead the forces of unity in the war between the forces of duality (asuras) and the forces of unity (devas).

Lord Shiva and Parvati’s son, Kartikeya (also called “Skanda”), became the General of the Armies of the Gods.

The word “Mata” means Mother. Skandamata Devi is the Mother of Skanda, Parvati’s son, Kartikeya, the Commander of the forces of Divine Light.

She represents our dearly Beloved Mother, who tenderly guides us on the path – just like our very own Mother.

Skandamata Devi is depicted as the gentle, compassionate Mother, who inspires, nurtures, exemplifies, and cultivates in such a way so that all of our actions become divine.

Eternally the illustrious Skandamata moves about on a lion, holding lotuses in her hands granting auspiciousness, but the baby on Her lap is actually the god of war, Skanda! He is most dangerous deity in the universe- anger, strength, tactical knowledge, destruction, war.

So She represents the energy of self-restraint and discipline, as a warrior’s strict and rigorous life. A warrior knows how to utilize anger for positive results.

Anger and rage exist within all of us. Anger arises when there is a need to protect our boundaries. It is important that we use anger properly in the correct space and time.

Skandamata is the form of the Mother that can move from a calm restrained state to intense anger. She contains both extremes: peace and aggressive fighting.

In the human body, she resides in the Visuddha chakra (throat).

When this Chakra is balanced we have open communication, speak in truth and listen well.

When it is under active our emotions are suppressed and we don’t communucate. When over active we talk aggressively, don’t listen and gossip.

With the grace of Skandamata Devi, we come to experience divinity in everything – everything becomes an expression of the divine.

Our offerings (through actions and worship) are divine, the divine accepts our offerings, because who are making the offering are the sons of Shiva, divine beings!”

Skandamata upholds herself with complete self-control.

This form of the Mother removes aggressive tendencies, fighting, problems with the police and also issues with rashes and skin disorders.

This precious form of Durga has four arms and rides on a lion, depicted with the following significance:

  • Baby Skanda: holding the baby child Skanda in Her lap, she is the Mother of an extraordinary child; praying to her will reach her son Kartikeya too; self restraint

  • Lotus: The upper hands each hold a lotus.

  • Blessing: One of the hands used to grant blessings.

  • Lion: She sits on the lion of dharma

During Navaratri, chant her mantra and pray for self restraint and discipline, for anger and harsh emotions can destroy your sadhana in a second.

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