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Shree Maa's November Sankalpa


This month's sankalpa from Shree Maa is the very powerful 15 bījas (syllables) of Sri Lalita Devi, the playful Mother, called the Pañcadaśī Mantra.

This mantra is the foundational mantra for Sri Vidya worshipers, and if chanted from the heart, all of your actions turn into worship and She will bless you with Supreme Bliss.

We will explain more about this mantra in later posts, but for now, please chant it 108 times per day (one mala).

Here is the mantra:




ka e ī la hrīṁ

ha sa ka ha la hrīṁ

sa ka la hrīṁ


Spiritual Bhavana (Feeling):

“Oh Mother, in this game of hide and seek in the illusionary world of existence, my soul stays hidden from You, the Divine Source. Immersed in constant changes of vibration and experiences, I have forgotten who I really am.

As a result I experience myself as a separate individual.

Like a small child who wishes to return back to his/her Mother after a day at school, so too, my soul wishes to return to you. Please take me by the hand and lead me closer and closer to you. Thank You!”

Jai Maa!



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1 Comment

Kapil Madan
Kapil Madan
Jan 20, 2020

Thank you 🙏🏻🙏🙏🏿

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