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Set Your Intention

Navaratri Bhavana Post # 2

During Navaratri, we prayed this simple, heartfelt prayer which set the stage for our nine night/ten day sankalpa (intention):

"Oh Mother, with you I am starting my life*.  I am a householder person, and whatever I can do, and whatever I can surrender onto you, I am preparing myself to do so. 

Mother, if your Shakti (energy, presence) is with me, then I can go forward and be successful.  

Mother, please if anything comes into my mind, any thoughts be it dharmic or adharmic, be it anything that takes my attention away, or if my mind goes where it is not supposed to be, please help me to bring it back to you."

*Recognizing that every moment can be a start to a new life, it is our choice.​


Today, see how you can weave this attitude into your life. 

As you awaken every morning, this attitude can be with you as you sincerely request for Mother to use you as an instrument for peace.

Also, this prayer is said prior to puja, or any sankalpa. It is the attitude of service to Her by focusing the flame of your attention on Her rather than the mundane world. 

Jai Maa!



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