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April 17, 2020

Ganapati Puja: Online Every Sunday


With a little awareness on the symbology of Ganesha, a few daily reminders throughout the day of Him, and worshiping Him through Puja, you can take your life from just ordinary to one that you absolutely love.

Lord Ganesha has Perfect Wisdom. His Divine name Ganapati describes Him as a Leader (pati) of the people (ganas). He is a master of all circumstances and His grace can bring success and remove all obstacles.

So it is up to us to put the effort in to remember him throughout the day and to worship him through puja.

For me, one of the easiest ways to remember Him throughout the day is through understanding the symbolic qualities of his form. Then, when I run into a stumbling block, or find myself getting too entangled in the outer world, I flash his image in my mind, causing me to reflect.

Here is the symbology I have found helpful:

  • Large Head symbolizes great intellect to understand the true meaning of the scriptures and Vedantic wisdom

  • Big Ears symbolizes the virtue of intense listening and absorbing knowledge and wisdom from teachers

  • Small Eyes symbolizes refocusing awareness on inner reflection. It is a reminder to focus less on the outer world of objects, people, and situations, and more on our inner world

  • Long Trunk is a useful tool that, with discrimination, can be used efficiently for achievements and growth. It reminds us to balance the outer world achievements with the inner world spiritual growth

  • Two Tusks represent the world of duality: dharma vs. adharma, good vs. evil, right vs. wrong etc. but the...

  • Broken Tusk reminds us of the goal to move beyond duality - to break free from the past and from the illusion of duality

  • Small Hidden Mouth encourages us to talk less and observe more; don't interact and engage when it is not necessary and refrain from endless chatter and useless gossip

  • Big Belly: symbolizes a voracious appetite for life because of the wisdom that Divinity is all around us; it reminds us to stay in peace in a world of ups and downs and have faith that God's got this!

So during my day, when I am aware that I am being "triggered" by the world, or I catch myself getting too absorbed in worldly events, I simply flash the image of Ganesh in my mind. Maybe this practice can help you too.

It reminds us to pull back from speaking, to listen with compassion, to use our God given talents for the betterment of all, to have faith that God's in control of the outcomes, and to remember the true goal of life - Union with the Divine.

Want to Learn to Worship Ganesha?

Join us online every Sunday at 1:00 pm for the Ganesha Puja. Chant the mantras right along with us and receive Lord Ganesha's blessings.

Whoever prays to Ganesh, that devotee's heart, mind and intellect will blossom in beautiful way!



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