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Purify Your Surroundings: Ghee Lamp

Navaratri Bhavana Post #3

During Navaratri, we lit a lamp in front of the altar for the entire nine nights, ensuring that it never goes out. The lamp is very auspicious as the flame is a form of the Tej, the absolute principle.

Lighting a ghee lamp purifies the environment. The light symbolizes knowledge and illumination, and removes darkness, ignorance, and evil. It protects us from problems, fears, chaos, and unhappiness.

The light brings in the wealth of wisdom, the greatest wealth that one can ever obtain.

Over Navaratri, it also served as an invitation for the Divine, for the Goddess, to come and be with us and to grace us with Her blessing. It is for this reason that Shree Maa always has a ghee lamp burning in the Temple.

All auspicious spiritual celebrations in India begin with the lighting of a lamp, but even social events too can begin with this practice.

But what about everyday living? Do you want to change the energy in your environment to make it more peaceful and calming?

If yes, start with your surroundings to set the stage! It is very simple to do. Start by installing a ghee lamp to burn continuously in front of Ganesha or the Goddess. We recommend pure ghee made out of cow’s milk because it attracts sattvic (calming, balanced, harmonious) vibrations to calm the mind.

As you light the lamp, pray and meditate on this bhavana:

“Oh Mother, you are the absolute truth. I am a householder and continuously make mistakes in my dealings with the world. But with all sincerity, I light this lamp and pray that you remove darkness from my mind and move my mind toward the light. Bring me peace so I can be an instrument for you.”


Today, set the intention to purify your surroundings by placing a ghee lamp in the house, preferably in the North, East, or West (not South).

Jai Maa!



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