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Make 2022 Full of Possibilities!

Namaste Friends and Family,

May you be blessed with a spectacular New Year filled with Love, Light and amazing possibilities.

The last few years for many of us were years of transition. A time to slow down. A time to put things on pause and reflect. A time to embrace the teachings of change which so many of us encountered.

As I look back at 2021, I reflect on both the disappointments and the opportunities and realize that all of it was a blessing from the grace of the Goddess.

The disappointments led to a renewed vigor, courage, and detachment from old ways of living and thinking, and a strong resolve to never again tolerate situations that bring chaos into my life. A great healing has come in 2021.

The opportunities coming from this led to a refreshed sense of freedom and empowerment that eventually led to the launching of a new temple in Houston, Texas.

What a year! I am sure you too have gone through some amazing transitions in 2020 and 2021. I encourage you to reflect and experience the sweet nectar of change.

I believe 2022 is a year of possibilities. When we live in freedom and open our hearts to God's grace, possibilities inevitably arise. Possibilities to create something new. Possibilities to touch another's life in a divine way. Possibilities to share your love to those in need. Possibilities to make a difference in this world. This is the nectar coming from difficulties.

What do you envision for yourself in 2022?

Take a moment to open your heart, scan the world of limitless possibilities, and jot down what you will create for yourself and others.

Wishing you all a very happy and prosperous New Year!

Jai Maa!


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