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Join Us For Santoshi Maa Satsang

Chandika Devālaya

House of Goddess Chandi

(a Lalita Chandika Temple)

Friday, December 11th, 5:30 PM PST

How To Attain Satisfaction, Contentment and Peace


We are two weeks into our five week gratitude challenge called Embracing the Goodness: Five Weeks to Deep Gratefulness, and amazing inner transformations have already taken place (... keep reading).

But before we get too far along describing these transformations, I want you to mark your calendar for the Santoshi Maa Satsang TONIGHT, Friday December 11, 5:30 pm PST. It is designed to bump-up your gratitude and contentment a notch - and who wouldn't want that?

At the satsang we will share a Santoshi Maa story that Shree Maa has given, followed by the Santoshi Maa puja (with step by step instructions).

You will learn how to do the puja and the benefit of worshiping Santoshi Maa. So grab your Santoshi Maa Puja Book (now 40% off while supplies last), or open your Santoshi Maa Android App and join us!

Now, read about what the participants of the Gratefulness Challenge are saying:

"I have a chronic health condition which can cause a lot of physical pain. During those times when I am in pain, I struggle to find the good around me, the patience to be present, or do sadhana. But this week I kept gratitude in mind, and though I saw the negative self talk, I also saw it leave."


"I woke up in the morning contemplating how to bring softness, the ease of Santoshi Maa, and gratitude to those areas where life seems to hurt and scare me."

"I've been waking up and right away counting things to be grateful for. This is a great and welcome change.


"I've been unwell. Every day I deal with several symptoms which start as soon as I am awake, but now, I wake up and excitedly count what I am grateful for."


"Gratitude starts my day with a smile. My heart feels more open, humble, hopeful, settled and abundant."

Jai Maa!


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