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Lord Ganesha Will Grace You with Abundance

June 27, 2020

Join Lord Ganesha Puja: Online Every Sunday at 1:00 PM


Lord Ganesha stands at the door - no one can enter the inner sanctum of success without his Wisdom and without His approval. So Lord Ganesha's blessing and grace is very necessary to achieve our objectives.

As you think through your life plans, just know that we must have the Wisdom to know how to implement that plan before we commence action.

We must believe in what we are doing, not just for money or because someone said "You must," but rather because we choose projects that are worthy of that commitment.

Our every undertaking is something that we need to be proud to share with God: no subterfuge, no duplicity, no looking for any undue advantage. We must be proud of our endeavors in order to be successful at them.

Puja to Lord Ganesha will grant his blessings, his grace, and will help attract spiritual abundance and true wealth.

The sanskrit term for grace is Kripa. The root "Kri" means do and "pa" means get. The grace is this - What we do is what we are going to get! This is the Law of Karma: we will receive the fruits of our actions.

Lord Ganesha is the Remover of Obstacles. When he is satisfied that we have studied the circumstances sufficiently to perform the right actions, for the right reasons, with the right motivation - full of inspiration, with great energy, and total focus and attentiveness - then he allows us to enter and gives us the fruits of our karma.

He becomes Siddhi Vinayak, He Who Removes All Obstructions to the attainment of perfection.

Lord Ganesha brings our projects to fulfillment, until we are able to commit to the ultimate project of self realization. Then we equate success with detachment, and we become less and less encumbered by the material world.

Join us online on Sunday, June 28 at 1:00 pm, for the Ganesha Puja.

Chant the mantras right along with us and receive Lord Ganesha's blessings.

Whoever prays to Ganesh, that devotee's heart, mind and intellect will blossom in beautiful way!



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