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February Sankalpa From Shree Maa

My Beloved Children,

Durga Maa is the Goddess Who Removes All Difficulties. Please chant this mantra 108 times per day in February to remove negativity and to solve physical, mental, and economic problems in your life.

This mantra can also help establish positive energy in yourself, your home, your family, friends, work, and acquaintances. Please contemplate on the meaning of this mantra and listen to the podcast of the 32 Names of Durga Maa that is included below.

I send my love and blessings,

~ Shree Maa


Om Hrim Shrim Dum Durgayai Namah

Durge Durge Rakshani Hum Phat Swaha!

Om, I bow to the Goddess Durga,

the Grantor of Increase Who Removes all Difficulties,

Oh Durge, destroy all my ignorance, protect me, and keep me safe. I am One with That!


Click here to listen to Shree Maa sing the 32 Names of Durga Maa


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