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Experience Lalita Devi: 05 Deva Kārya Samudyatā

Lalita Chandika Temple

Due to travel, we will start back up the Lalita Sahasranama Satsangh in August.

Namaste. This is the next of several posts designed to help you experience Lalita Ambika Devi in everyday life.

We are on the fifth name of Lalita Devi - Deva Kārya Samudyatā

Jai Maa!


Deva Kārya Samudyatā

This fifth name of Mother gives us an understanding of why She manifest and her intentions.

Have you ever wondered what your purpose is in this human life?

Well, this name of the Goddess provides us a clue on how to enhance our own meaning in life, our own purpose. All we have to do is focus our life on Her intentions, align with Her purpose ....

Deva means the Gods, or those with virtue. Karya means work or effort, udyata means ready to do or has done.

So Deva Kārya Samudyatā show us that Lalita Devi is the Goddess who manifests herself to do the work of God.

But what is God's work?

Sri Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita clearly states what the work of God is on earth:

Therefore, Lalita Devi manifested to answer the prayers of the Devas (those with pure nature, divine qualities) who were being oppressed by the asuras (those with evil tendencies).

So combining this fifth name with the fourth name, we envision that the Goddess emerges from the altar of fire as pure consciousness and her intent is to do God's work to uphold Dharma. (Maybe that should be our purpose too?)

How do we relate to Deva Kārya Samudyatā in everyday life? How do we recognize or see Her?

You can see Her in life when you witness someone who stands up for Truth or completes a difficult, courageous endeavor, in the midst of personal obstacles, fear, and risks. Someone with courage. Someone with strength and resolve. Someone with dharma, ethics, and truth.

Someone who emerges through the fire of being shamed or being brought down unjustly by peer pressure or authority, but despite all that, he/she stands up courageously for what is right, for truth.

Where else can we see Her? We can see Her in our modern day heros. They are the fire fighters who stormed into a burning building on Sept 11, 2001 to save others without personal thought for their own safety. Why? Because they signed up for it - this was their dharma (right action) and they did it so heroically that it inspired a nation.

But you find Her in everyday common situations as well if you look for it:

  • Speaking the truth to an authority figure, or a person of power, when you know that it is something they don't want to hear or acknowledge, or you know that it could seriously harm your relationship or rank within a group

  • At work, informing the boss of an ethical breach or wrong conduct

  • Leading a much needed major change in society where there will be opposition to a new way of doing things

  • Standing up to those who abuse power (at work, at home, or even in an organization like a cult) where you know that your reputation will be smeared, the people will gossip about you, and eventually you will be emotionally or physically abused if you don't shut up and conform

There are countless situations in life where we can identify and actually apply courage to stand up in Truth.

It doesn't have to be an extreme situation - it can even be a very simple thing like having the courage to take responsibility for your part in a situation, to own your emotions, reactions, and behavior, to keep your promises despite changed circumstances, and to forgive yourself and others for past mistakes and misunderstandings. This all takes courage.

Sometimes just making the decision to be HAPPY when your life situation is difficult is an act of dharma. It takes tremendous courage to live in Faith and share your learnings with another after you have been challenged with a difficult situation.

This is Mother - the Goddess - the One who has come to do God's work.

She can be found in very simple acts of courage, small gestures of kindness, and even to the most extreme of situations, like that of Mahatma Ghandi, Nelson Mandela, and Martin Luther King Jr.

In nature, I liken this Goddess as the flower that grows out of the cement. Despite all of the obstacles, the will to blossom in dharma by sharing the beauty and fragrance despite the unfavorable foundation of cold, cracky cement.

Deva Kārya Samudyatā is the Mother that can help you move forward in life no matter what the situation. She is your protector. Have faith in Her and trust that She's got you in the palm of Her hand.

Let's bow in gratitude to Deva Kārya Samudyatā

Just Look - Just Notice - Just Become

A few actions for you to consider .....

  1. Notice courage. Notice Truth. Make a list of your heros, what did they do? How did they behave? What do you see in them that you would like to emulate?

  2. How can you begin to add more integrity and courage into your life? List some examples of life situations - past or present where you could have done this differently. What is your ideal of perfection, or dharma, in each of these situations.

Deva Kārya Samudyatā Ki Jai!



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