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Experience Lalita Devi: 04 Cidagni Kuṇḍa Sambhūtā

Lalita Chandika Temple

Due to travel, we will start back up the Lalita Sahasranama Satsangh in August.

Namaste. This is the next of several posts designed to help you experience Lalita Ambika Devi in everyday life.

We are on the fourth name of Lalita Devi, Cidagni Kuṇḍa Sambhūtā.

Jai Maa!


Cidagni Kuṇḍa Sambhūtā

I personally love this fourth name of Lalita Devi for it invokes an image of the Goddess emerging from an altar of fire to destroy our ignorance.

Cit means Brahman, the unchanging reality which is pure consciousness, that which is omnipresent, eternal, the foundation on which the play of life shows upon as an invisible screen in which we often overlook due to our ignorance.

Agni means fire and kuṇḍa is an altar, like a homa kund.

Sambhūtā means coming out of or emerging from something.

So Cidagni Kuṇḍa Sambhūtā is the altar of fire where pure consciousness resides and emerges as light into the world. I liken it to the initial spark of creation, the energy movement into manifestation.

This fourth name of Mother reminds the spiritual seeker that She emerges

  • out of the fire of our tapasya

  • out of the fire of the feeling of loss when we give up our worldly attachments

  • out of the fire from the courage of letting go of someone, something, or even some group that you dearly love because they no longer serve you (i.e. they hold you back, they bring you down, etc)

  • out of the fire from the depths of our soul when you have been ground to a diamond and there is no place else to turn but to the Goddess.

It is out of the fire that She emerges!

She is the light that destroys our ignorance....If you let her. If you drop your hands and surrender to Her, She will emerge as the light, She will destroy your ignorance and protect you as a Mother protects Her child. She will then set you on your personal path to complete your destiny. This is Mother.

How do we relate to Cidagni Kuṇḍa Sambhūtā in everyday life? How do we recognize or see Her?

You can see her in your personal life. Look at the outcomes of some of your life's most difficult challenges and recognize (now) that what actually emerged after the transition was a blessing. She is that blessing, that light, that grace that brought you through.

There are so many stories of a personal tragedy being converted to a victory for humanity. Where someone uses their tragedy and converts it to provide good in the world. For example, if you look at the life of Oprah Winfrey you will see her humble beginnings and early child trauma. You will also see how Oprah actually used those adversities as the catalyst to become one of the most influential women in the world through talk shows focused on self-improvement and spirituality.

What is your story? What is your personal difficulty that led you to build a better life? Sometimes at the time you experience these difficulties it seems unbearable, but then several years later, looking back, you see it with gratitude because perhaps you broke free from someone or something, or perhaps the the situation helped to create greater good for humanity and more compassion in us as individuals.

What ever the case, Lalita Devi as Cidagni Kuṇḍa Sambhūtā brings the wisdom of understanding and forgiveness that can assist our journey from point A to point B. She is the light at the end of the dark tunnel. She is the one who can help us see that there is a silver lining to any life issue. She is the Mother that can help us break free from the past and create a new, better future for us. It is all in Her hands.

We can also see her emerging in nature after a long cold winter. The light of Devi is in the new sprouts of grass and the budding flowers in the springtime. We recognize her everyday if we are aware enough, for She emerges every morning as the energy of the Sun.

As we get more experienced in life, we find our personal psychology can help the phases of any transition to go more quickly so that we can arrive with Her in LIGHT at the end of the tunnel safely and efficiently. I wish that for you all!

Let's bow in gratitude to Cidagni Kuṇḍa Sambhūtā.

Just Look - Just Notice - Just Become

A few actions for you to consider .....

  1. Take time to notice what good came out of some of the most difficult challenges in your life. How did you get through it? Are you in a place where you can feel gratitude for it? Have you let go of the anger, frustration and resentments?

  2. How can you use your experience to help another? What would you tell another to help them let go and move forward? We all have something to give to another. Your life experience is your greatest gift - share it.

Cidagni Kuṇḍa Sambhūtā Ki Jai!


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