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Experience Lalita Devi: 03 Śrīmat Siṃhāsaneśvarī

Lalita Chandika Temple

Due to travel, we will start back up the Lalita Sahasranama Satsangh in August.

Namaste. This is the next of several posts designed to help you experience Lalita Ambika Devi in everyday life.

We are on the third name of Lalita Devi, Śrīmat Siṃhāsaneśvarī.

Jai Maa!


Śrīmat Siṃhāsaneśvarī

Śrīmat Siṃhāsaneśvarī is the respected queen Goddess who sits on a glorious throne of a lion.

Śrīmat means respected queen, auspicious Mother, as discussed in the first name.

Siṃhā means lion and asana means seat. So siṃhāsana is the lion-throne that Lalita Devi sits on. The throne is a divine seat, the most high-seat, the most powerful seat and the respected queen sits on a lion-throne.

In many depictions of the Goddess, She is seen sitting on a thrown with two lions on both ends. The lions symbolize a protective nature of a great ruler who has not only power, but also the courage to act when necessary - the courage to take away so that new creation can come into manifestation.

Below is a picture of Her silver siṃhāsana which is located at the Lalita Ambika Mandir and Monestary in Houston, Texas (a Lalita Chandika Temple). Notice the two lions on each side.

The last root Īśvari means the Goddess who is the wife of Īśvara, the Supreme Lord. So, once again, She is the respected Goddess Īśvari who is seated on a great lion throne.

There are many stories of the Goddess riding Her Lion of Dharma, going to war with the asuras with the objective of eradicating ignorance in Her children. This is none other than an expression of Lalita Devi, Goddess Īśvari, who is powerful, capable, and full of courage.

Another interesting fact about the first three names of Lalita Devi is that they all begin with the word Śrī and they describe the foundation of who Lalita Devi actually is.

The first name Śrī mātā is the respected, auspicious Mother who is the cause of the universe - the great creator of this universe which is born out of Her love and compassion. She is the energy of Brahmā.

The second name Śrī mahā rājñī is the great Mother who maintains the universe through her strong but fair rulership and leadership. In this way she is the energy of Viṣṇu.

Śrīmat siṃhāsaneśvarī, the third name, is the auspicious Mother who destroys (or transforms) so that new birth can take place. She is the energy of Lord Śiva.

Lalita Devi is described as the Trinity for She is the energy of Brahmā, Viṣṇu, and Maheshwara (Śiva), but no matter what names we call the Divine, it is important to note that God is One.

How do we relate to Śrīmat Siṃhāsaneśvarī in everyday life? How do we recognize or see Her? We look for Her in the changes and transformations we experience in every day life.

We can see Her in our personal lives, as we progress from baby, to toddler, to young child up through early adulthood and into old age. The changes, the seasons, are all Her taking something away so something new can manifest.

We can recognize her in our transformations, which many of us think are problems, but are actually opportunities for growth. For example, when someone strips us of something, like a much deserved promotion, or even our dignity - that is the Goddess saying,

"NO! You are going in the wrong direction.

Come over here my darling child, I have better things in store for your life."

The pain of transformation in everyday life can eventually be surpassed by gratitude when you realize that it was all done for you, not against you. When you realize that it was Amma (Mother) guiding you, Her child, back home, for She knows what is best for us and we just need to have that FAITH in Her.

This is Mother! This is Śrīmat Siṃhāsaneśvarī's great energy of transformation.

Someday I will share with you all my own personal transformation, which I am still going through as I write this today. As painful as it was, there were mega-lessons of courage, faith, and belief that my apparent failures were just stepping stone lessons given by the Goddess for my next level of growth.

But this process of transformation is essentially the same for everyone, and so we should strive to worship the Goddess, and be in gratitude to the Goddess, for Her pushing us through the personal transformations which eventually can open you up to a new life, an improved situation, or more opportunities to live our inspiration.

Let's bow in gratitude to Śrīmat Siṃhāsaneśvarī.

Just Look - Just Notice - Just Become

A few actions for you to consider .....

  1. Take time to notice the transformations in your life. This should not be too difficult as the world has experienced, and is still experiencing great transformation as we wrestle through the COVID pandemic. Can you see the Goddess' hand in the transformations? Can you find the silver lining in your transformations?

  2. If you like, keep a journal of those life transformations that proved difficult for you. How did you react? Did you go with the flow? Did you resist? Did you get frustrated or angry? Was there a better way for you to handle the transformation?

Śrīmat Siṃhāsaneśvarī Ki Jai!


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Beautiful Pushpa Maa !!! As we start knowing her ... And living in her presence things unfold in magical ways... I have just started this journey and I am already seeing her blessings in surrounding me with beautiful people like you... Who love sharing their stories and lighting up my path. 🙏

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