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Experience Lalita Devi: Sri Mata

Lalita Chandika Temple

Namaste and welcome to the first of the several posts designed to help you experience Lalita Ambika Devi in everyday life.

So often we go through life thinking of everything we have "to do", overwhelmed by the rat race of life, frustrated, trying to control the events and relationships to our benefit, managing the children and wondering how we are to guide them best, trying to overcome an illness or make enough money to pay the bills that month.

What if there was another way to approach life?

What if there was a way to keep yourself focused on the Divine each and every day?What if there was a way to really experience the Goddess and become aware of Her in everyday life?

What if there was a way to really understand how the ancient Rishis interpreted everything in life as Divine?

What if we could see how to integrate the heavens and the earth and restore Bhu Devi (Mother Earth) to compassion, lovingness, and gentleness?

Many of you have heard this saying:

"Where your focus (attention) goes, that aspect of your life will grow"

And so, this series of posts on Lalita Devi is designed to get you into the habit of focusing your attention on Her. We will go through each of her 1000 names, you will be challenged to recognize Her qualities in every day life. You will be challenged to focus on Her divine qualities, and when you do - She will manifest more and more in your life. You will see Her everywhere and you can integrate Her qualities into your beingness.

Ready? Let's begin

Sri Mata

Sri Mata is the very first name and literally means Auspicious Mother of the Universe. The word Sri means prosperous, auspicious. Mata means Mother. She is the embodiment of compassion, love, comfort, and understanding. That is the bhavana (expression) of Her first name.

Just as you would approach your very own Mother, if you approach Divine Mother like a child, with pure innocence and vulnerability, She will comfort, protect, and lead you to your destination, for She is the Auspicious Mother of the Universe.

She is an expression of pure Love and Compassion. Her pure energy does not curse, is not abusive, does not gossip, and does not set Her children up for failure. She is totally inspirational and is ready to protect, comfort, and love. She spans all spiritual traditions.

When you are in the presence of Sri Mata, you experience unbounded love, unequal compassion, and immense security. You know that everything is in Divine Order and everything is ok. Your faith increases and this gives you a feeling of immense contentment, which Amma says is the biggest blessing of all.

The word "Sri" has multiple meanings. It also means Lakshmi and Saraswati. The Supreme Goddess therefore embodies the energies of both Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth, and Saraswati, the Goddess of Wisdom.

Sri also means "respect" so She is the Respected Mother of the Universe.

The quality of Sri can be found easiest in our everyday life by simply observing those who show care for others. Those who demonstrate that care with an open heart and good intentions.

For example, you can see this quality if you just simply notice it:

  • watch how a mother lovingly cradles her baby

  • see how nurses so generously give love and compassion to patients

  • notice how friends step up when you are going through a difficult life transformation

This is Mother! This is Sri Mata and you can find Her in all walks of life.

To recognize Her, she does not have to come to you in the form of a Saint, or anything special, for Her REAL FORM is expressed by qualities that can be seen in everyday life, with everyday people, and in everyday situations.

Just Look - Just Notice - Just Become

A few actions for you to consider .....

  1. Take time to notice the love, compassion, and caring that is demonstrated to you in your everyday life. Who is it? What are they doing? How does this remind you of Sri Mata? If you like, keep a journal of those instances that inspire you, for that will prove an easy way to remember.

  2. You may feel inspired to reach out in gratitude to your biological Mother, or anyone who has demonstrated Motherly love and compassion to you. Let them know you feel their love.

  3. Consider situations and ways that you yourself can express Mother's Love and Compassion through your physical form and actions. You may consider Journaling that as well.

Sri Mata Ki Jai!

Join us Sunday, June 26th, at 9:00 PST for Lalita Sahasranama Chanting and Satsangh



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