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Experience Lalita Devi: 02 Śrī Mahā Rājñī

Lalita Chandika Temple

Due to travel, we will NOT be hosting the Lalita Sahasranama Satsangh tomorrow. Our apologies.

Namaste. This is the second of several posts designed to help you experience Lalita Ambika Devi in everyday life.

We are on the second name of Lalita Devi, Śrī Mahā Rājñī.

Jai Maa!


Śrī Mahā Rājñī

Śrī Mahā Rājñī is the great Mother who is the Queen of the Universe, the Ruler of the Universe.

There is nothing greater than this Mother, who supports and sustains us, who provides everything in our lives. Seen and unseen, She is the support of all of it.

We have already discussed the meaning of śrī in depth in the first name of Lalita, but as a reminder, it means respected, auspicious, and prosperous.

The word mahā means great, but really means the greatest. There is nothing greater than Mother of the Universe.

The word rājñī means queen, empress, ruler, she who possess great wealth.

Step back and contemplate Her as the great Queen, the great Ruler from the perspective of Her child.....

As Her children, we realize that all of our abilities and attributes come from Her. We are NOTHING without Her. We hold no power or influence that She has not already endorsed. We recognize our own powerlessness, and because of that, we also recognize that what she has ordained, no man can take away.

As Her children, it is easy to acknowledge the splendor She has created and sustained in our own personal lives. Look at your life and give praise to Her for the food, the shelter, the education, the family, the friends, our abilities to make a difference in this world. The list goes on and on and certainly this all comes from the great Queen, Śrī Mahā Rājñī. Let's bow to Her in gratitude.

Step back and contemplate Her as the great Queen, the great Ruler from the perspective of an Influencer, a Manager or a Leader.....

As Her children, She has given all of us some type of responsibility in this lifetime. Responsibilities could include managing something, influencing someone, or even leading a large group.

How do we ensure we are leading to properly, or in a dharmic way? As She is the Great Ruler of the Universe perhaps we can learn or remember some of Her virtues applicable to leadership responsibility.

In our various roles of Mother, Father, sister, brother, friend, manager, leader, let's just review and apply two virtues to our leadership style:

Virtue 1: Embrace a Giving Nature

As She herself gives to Her children, let us replicate this and give back selflessly to those for which we feel a responsibility.

This giving nature is a divine quality of a Mother and we can adapt it not only through material support, but also through setting an example, providing encouragement, and uplifting another. Sometimes a simple smile can make someone's day.

(note: we believe in BALANCE on everything and are not suggesting to go overboard and forget to take care of yourself. Tie your camel first, make sure you have the capacity to give what you are giving, and then help your fellow man.)

Virtue 2: Have Integrity in Your Mind

The great virtue of integrity is so important to set a proper example for others. Integrity is sincerity. One with integrity will mean what they say and say what they mean. Integrity naturally causes your thoughts, words, and deeds to be integrated into an example that is easy to follow and does not create confusion in those that you are responsible for.

Think about this - have you have operated under a manager that changes his/her mind every other day? Tells you one thing one day, then changes it the next, and after a series of whiplashes in vision you just come to realize that hey, this is wasting my time and energy. You eventually come to understand that this is not going anywhere and your god-given talents are being undermined.

The above example illustrates the importance of integrity in leadership roles, for fickle-minded leadership would be very difficult to follow, and do you think that's how the Mother of this great universe actually operates? Is that the example? No! The example set forth by the Mother of the Universe is consistent like the Sun. Day-in and day-out she pours Her energy of love, compassion, and generosity into this world without a second thought about changing Her mind.

Be like Mother - consistent in thought, word, and deed.

You know you are in the presence of Śrī Mahā Rājñī when you around good leadership, or you yourself become an ideal leader. What does this mean?

A good leader is one who has inspiration. He/She is a demonstration of living the great virtues and ideals that guide others to live happily, healthily, and in harmony and peace. That is is a good leader.

You can usually find good leaders in your Mother, Father, Teacher, Gurus, Life Coaches, Pastors, etc. But you can also find it in nature. Look at the dharma and integrity of the Sun which operates to a tee everyday with no faltering as it enriches and nourishes planet earth.

You can also see it by watching the spiritual epics like the Ramayana and Bhagavad Gita. And, believe it or not, you can find it in some current day TV programs.

I will share with you that I am currently watching Downton Abbey on Nexflix and Lord and Lady Grantham demonstrate a great leadership to those who serve them. When the servants are in trouble - the Grantham's step in to help, just as a family should. It isn't required of them, but they do it gladly as a responsibility of their position.

This is Mother! This is Śrī Mahā Rājñī's virtue of great rulership.

Just Look - Just Notice - Just Become

A few actions for you to consider .....

  1. Take time to notice the great leaders in your life. Who is it? What are they doing? How does this remind you of Śrī Mahā Rājñī? If you like, keep a journal of those instances that inspire you, for that will prove an easy way to remember.

  2. Note your responsibilities that you have been given in your life. Who are you leading, managing or influencing? Take note of your actions and intentions and see how you can add more inspiration in the lives you are influencing.

Śrī Mahā Rājñī Ki Jai!


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