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Cleanliness is Next to Godliness

Navaratri Bhavana Post #1

Before any worship begins, it is important to bathe.

During Navaratri, the first thing done was the yajamana (person performing the ritual on behalf of the community) took a purifying bath. 


In India, we see men and women from all walks of life bathing in the Ganges River as a ritual. Why do they do it?  They have faith that purifies the soul. 

Following Sanatana Dharma, Universal Dharma, we clean not only the outside of the body, but also the inside (mind, emotions) by praying:

"Oh Mother, I stand before you. If I have knowingly or unknowingly hurt anyone or anything, if I said anything to anyone to hurt them, all that karma of what I have done, I am seeking your blessing to clear it through this bath so I can worship you with purity."


Today, start making an effort to remember this special prayer when you bathe. It will help purify all of your intentions throughout the day. 

Jai Maa!



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