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Week Two - Embracing the Good: Five Weeks to Deep Gratefulness

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

Chandika Devālaya

House of Goddess Chandi

(a Lalita Chandika Temple)

Week Two Challenge

Week Two: Determining the "Why"

Welcome to week two of the gratefulness challenge. Wasn’t last week an eye-opener? Last week we practiced the art of noticing the good in our situation and before we start into week two, let's pause for a moment to answer a few questions for you:

Did you do the exercise for last week?
Did you journal the goodness in your life?

If not, this week you will get another chance to journal. This week we will also expand the exercise a little bit.


So a few of you have asked why we should write things down in a journal.

There are two reasons for this.

First, when we write things down, it gives us time to reflect. Writing, especially writing by hand, forces us to slow down and think.

In fact, when you write about what you’re grateful for, it allows you to pause and consider WHY you’re so grateful for a particular thing.

Second, writing down the things you’re grateful for reinforces them in your mind. It’s like noticing them a second time and being grateful for them all over again.

This practice of “double gratefulness” can literally double your joy.

When you write down what you’re grateful for, it freshly focuses your attention on those things and gives you a fresh appreciation for all that you have to be grateful for.

This week we are not only going to write down what we are grateful for, but also we are going to ask WHY we are grateful.

Why ask WHY? Research has shown that to make change in your life, to elevate yourself to a new level, you have to ask yourself high quality empowering questions. Questions that have the capability of changing your perception of the world.

Try this. Ask yourself a question: like, for example, "why am I so happy today". Now watch your thoughts.

Notice how quickly your mind comes up with an answer to that question. See your mind just answers whatever question it has been given.

Ask yourself a positive question and your mind will search for a positive answer. Ask yourself a lousy question and your mind will search for doom and gloom. It is your choice what types of questions you ask yourself every day.

But realize this: The quality of your questions literally manifests the quality of your life.

So simply asking "WHY am I grateful for something" will activate your mind to find an answer. If you do this enough times - bingo- your perception has been rewired and you now have an entirely new perspective on things.


This week, get your notebook (or phone/computer) and at the end of each day:

  1. write down at least TEN things from your day that you’re grateful for. They can be big things, like getting a raise at work, to little things, like holding your daughter’s hand on a walk.

  2. next to each item, write down WHY you’re grateful for those particular things. What about them makes you happy? Why are you grateful for them?

  3. then, write down one aspect of your life that needs a gratitude boost. (It is recommended to focus on that one thing all week long. It should be something that is challenging to think positive about). Write in your journal the answer to a few high quality questions about this issue, such as, "what else could this mean?" and "what good can come out of this situation?"

  4. after you’ve written each thing down, say a brief word of thanks for them all. Take the opportunity to be grateful again in the moment.

This practice doesn’t need to take long. You should be able to do it in 10-20 minutes. The goal is simply to get yourself in a state of gratefulness at the end of the day and begin addressing the tougher challenges.


Before you dive into this week's challenge, take a moment to share with the group how these practices are going for you. Using the WhatsApp link below, share your thoughts. Are you finding it challenging to come up with ten things to be grateful for? What was it like writing them down? I can’t wait to hear your comments.


Another opportunity to share is by joining our Monday Gratitude Satsangh at 6:00 pm PST. (see link below)

Finally, for the serious devotee, try focusing each day on some positive affirmations designed to keep your spirits high and meet life with inspiration.

Week Two Daily Affirmations:

(repeat this simple statement as often as possible this week)

I find blessings in both my good days and bad days.

I commit to finding something positive in every situation.

I am grateful regardless of the circumstances I face.

Jai Maa!


In case you missed it - here is last week's Zoom class:


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