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The Significance of the Sri Chakra

October 3, 2020

Sri Chakra is the Highest Expression of Divinity

Many of you have asked about the philosophy and worship of the Sri Chakra, and so in this series of posts, I have asked Swamiji to help provide some context and understanding of the Sri Chakra.

Puja worship of the Divine Mother can be done either to an idol of Devi or to the Sri Chakra itself. The Sri Chakra can be three dimensional, which is also called a Maha Meru (picture above), or two dimensional (picture below) which is known as the Sri Yantra.

All forms of Divine Mother can be worshiped in the Sri Chakra because Her very essence and all of Her aspects live in the Sri Chakra.

Devi has various forms, each having their own yantra, but the Sri Chakra itself represents all of the various forms of Devi in one yantra. Therefore, the devotee of Mother can simply worship the Sri Chakra rather than worship a particular yantra for each Her forms.

Swamiji shared this verse from the Lalita Trishati in reference to description of the Sri Chakra:

Looking closely at the Sri Chakra, we see it is actually formed by nine triangles (four pointing upward and five pointing downward). These triangles radiate from the bindu (center point) and create all of the angles that are referenced in the Lalita Trishati.

Swamiji explains that there are four triangles of Shiva which represent Hadi Vidya, four triangles of Shakti are Kadi Vidya, and in the center triangle is Kamakala or Kahadi Vidya.

Hadi, Kadi, and Kahadi Vidya are schools of wisdom which are a part of Sri Vidya worship (we will dive more into this on a later post - I promise).

The bindu is the center point of the yantra which represents the Paramatma, the highest unified consciousness, and the source of all creation. The angles represent the various manifestations.

In our tradition, the Sri Chakra represents the unity of Siva-Shakti.

Jai Maa!

लोकः समस्ताः सुखिनो भवन्तु

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu

May all beings in the entire universe be happy and free.


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