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The Dharma of Wealth

Updated: Oct 31, 2019



One of the best known stories in Hindu mythology is when the Devas (Gods) and the asuras (demons) churned the milky ocean to extract amrita (the nectar of immortality).

While the Devas were churning, they also chanted mantras and as a result of their efforts, Mahalaksmi, the Goddess of Fortune and Wealth, in all her purity, manifest from the ocean.

This process is symbolic of the process the spiritual aspirant goes through as they churn the mind, battling good against evil to seek purity in thought, word, and deed.

Discernment is key to obtaining and retaining spiritual wealth, for without it one would not be able to determine the most dharmic course of action for any given situation.


Lakshmi’s consort is Narayana (Lord Vishnu, the All-Pervading Consciousness). Mahalakshmi (wealth) and Narayana (consciousness) go together.

What this symbolizes in our practical life is that the best usage of wealth is in the hands of someone who is clear thinking, aware, and has discernment.

There is no use of Mahalakshmi (wealth) without Narayana (consciousness) as you would not know what to do with the wealth and how to put it to use for its intended purposes.

In this way, Mother Lakshmi (wealth) can sometimes cause a problem.

For example, have you ever known someone with a lot of wealth, but with no awareness and no clear thinking on what to do with it?

Similarly, have you ever witnessed someone who seemingly had it "all" and they threw it all away by making a poor decision which went against the laws of dharma?

Money alone, wealth alone, without consciousness, awareness, and clear thinking is useless!


When money or wealth comes to you, that is Mahalakshmi coming to you, and it has a reason, an intended purpose on how it is to be used.

If we use our wealth properly, it comes back to us in many, many ways. When you give to others, you will receive back more than you gave. This is the law of the universe.

This movement of wealth, this action, is a quality of Mahalakshmi and it is called Chalaa Laksmi, which means She Who Moves Everything.

This quality of Lakshmi is highly transitory, moving about constantly.

If you use your wealth for the benefit of others, Mahalakshmi will not leave you.


There is another quality of Mahalakshmi that is more permanent. She is called Achalaa Lakshmi.

Achalaa Lakshmi is wealth that will last a long time. She doesn’t move. Examples are a temple that is created for everyone’s benefit, or property that has been passed down from generation to generation.

So with all of this wealth that comes to us, if we are smart, aware, and conscious of what to do with the money, then more wealth will be created and sustained through time.

How do we become more aware?

We worship Lord Ganesha, the God of Wisdom!

Ganesha helps us to figure out what to do with the wealth. He is very protective, like a big brother, and always gives good advice.

Today, pray to Lord Ganesha for the wisdom to discern what to do with the wealth in your life.

“Oh Ganesha, you are the God of Wisdom and you are like my very own protective brother. I sometimes lack wisdom and I am moved toward personal desires while living in this chaotic world.
Please give me guidance on how best to deploy my assets and wealth so that I can to do more and more good for this world. Thank you!”

With this prayer, Lakshmi and Narayana will embide in your heart creating peace, wisdom, and stable energy. You will feel happy and fulfilled with whatever amount of wealth comes your way.

This contentment is the biggest blessing!

Jai Maa!

Save the Date: Ganesha Homa, Every Sunday Starting Nov 17th

(start time to be announced)


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Namaste. Very Well Said. Pranams. Jai Maa.

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