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The Christmas Songbird Fable

Chandika Devalaya Presents:

A story about the value of showing unconditional love.

December 23, 2020

Blooming Lotus the songbird loved waking up Sri Mataji each morning with her beautiful voice. But one morning shortly before Christmas, Sri Mataji was gone! Whatever was she going to do for Christmas? Read to find out....

Like clockwork, Blooming Lotus the songbird would perch on the branch of Mataji's large oak tree nearest to Her bedroom window. Once there, she would sing beautiful choruses. Chirp! Chirp! Chirp done in various Indian ragas and Bengali light classical songs.

And, like clockwork, each morning Mataji would come to Her bedroom window and say, "Good morning, Blooming Lotus! Thank you as usual, for the lovely wakeup call."

Whether rain or shine, Blooming Lotus the songbird would make the sacrifice to go and sing for Mataji because she realized it made Her happy. It also made Blooming Lotus feel good to be able to share love with her voice and to serve in the Mother in this way.

This singing went on and on for ten years - and somewhere into the second year Mataji began feeding Blooming Lotus - daal, rice, eggplant drizzled with hing, and sometimes even veggie pizza, that only a Mataji like Annapurna Devi could make.

Mataji would set this food outside and Blooming Lotus would feast on it prior to the squirrels and other birds trying to partake. And then...

....Blooming Lotus got fat - so fat that she could hardly fly. So fat that she broke tree branches as she sat perched to sing. But no obstacle could stop her. Despite every difficulty, Blooming Lotus still sang for Annapurna Mataji every morning.

One morning, Blooming Lotus saw that Mataji was awake even before she showed up, and that She was busy loading up the car.

"Oh, good morning, Blooming Lotus," said Mataji as She looked up and saw her. "I am heading off to Palm Springs for the Christmas holidays. See you when I get back!"

Blooming Lotus flew away disappointed. She wondered how she would manage for the entire Christmas season without sharing her musical love with the Mataji.

Blooming Lotus lived in the day and age before computers and technology so there was no face-time or zoom calls available. So a very distraught Blooming Lotus prayed to Lord Shiva. "Beloved Mahadev, please transform my sadness into light. Please guide me on what to do now."

Then like a download from the heavens, the disheartened Blooming Lotus was given guidance, "Blooming lotus, you share your voice because it makes others happy. Who else can you share this with? Think! Think! Open yourself!"

Blooming Lotus was drunk with bliss as she thought, "there must be another family around here that would enjoy hearing me sing to them each morning."

With that, she set off with her chubby body and with the strength and determination of Hanuman, she flew down the block and found another home with a tall oak tree. After breaking one branch and falling to the ground, she picked herself up and got herself perched on a sturdy branch and immediately started singing. Chirp! Chirp! Chirp, and this time to the tune of popular 1960 tunes from the Beatles and Beach Boys.

Shortly after, a little girl opened a window and shrieked, "Look, mom! A Christmas songbird, just like I wanted!"

When Blooming Lotus saw that, she felt SO fulfilled. She realized that once she had love to share, her duty was to share with anyone she came across. And even though she had a special place in her heart for Annapurna Mataji, she was happy singing for anyone who needed that love.

Sharing love unconditionally is the best way to make a positive impact on the world.

Sometimes when you get stuck in the routine of life, you overlook that there are people who need your support.

Sure, you spend your days supporting and loving your core group of family and friends. But the need for love extends way beyond that.

You would be surprised to see just how impactful it would be for you to show love to someone new. When you take time out of your routine to be kind to others, it brings you fulfillment.

Showing love to others who need it also gives them hope. It helps them to see that in the midst of negativity, there is something positive to live for.

Especially during the season of love and togetherness, making a special effort to be good to others goes a very long way.

Ask Yourself:

In what ways can I show love to each person I meet?

How can I share my time effectively without neglecting family and friends?

What resolutions can I set to ensure I can show love to others?


Have a fabulous Christmas. Jai Maa!


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Merry Christmas Maa and Swami! You are great joy to us

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