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Swamiji Performs Puja for Our Ancestors

September 19, 2020

Swamiji Performs Puja for Ancestors

Blessed Souls,

Ashwina Navaratri is preceded by Mahaloya which is called the Great Dissolution. It is a time when we dissolve all of our attachments to the creation and start fresh.

Our last act in the old creation is to express our appreciation to our ancestors for preparing such a wonderful path for us.

Swamiji performed the Shrad Puja last Thursday morning in Yuba City. He read name after name of each of our family member's anscestors and made offerings in remembrance of each of them.

This was a beautiful ceremony performed in appreciation for those who prepared our path for us - for those who started us on our journey to the fulfillment of our karma.

Click HERE to watch Swamiji Perform the Shrad Puja at the Yuba River

Swamiji says that each of us is born with three debts of karma. We owe a debt to the Gods and Goddesses, which we discharge by making this world a better place because of our having been here.

We owe a debt to our ancestors, which we discharge by respecting the elderly the way we will want to be respected when we are old, and by teaching the young people the way we want this world to become.

The third debt is to the Gurus, which we discharge by living in accordance with the wisdom that they taught us.

Where we are today, what we are doing today, and even our achievements and aspirations are predicated in part upon the path that our ancestors have prepared for us.

Each of us took birth with a certain destiny, and a propensity to fulfill that destiny. We took birth into a specific family that created an environment most conducive for us to become what it is that God intended.

Many of our families inspired us to become what we are by showing us what we might not want to become. By both positive and negative re-enforcement, our families prepared our paths, just as we are preparing the paths of those who will come after us.

Therefore, we want to say, Thank You.


We wanted to take a moment here to remind you that we have moved from 515 Garden Highway in Yuba City to a private setting with the following mailing address is:

Lalita Chandika Temple

PO Box 844

Yuba City, CA 95991

We will be having all of our programs online until such time that we can safely re-open to the public.

Join us tomorrow, Sunday, Sept 20th at 9:30 am for the Chandi Path with Shree Maa. It will be live-streamed on our YouTube Channel (please subscribe to get notifications).

To the welfare of those who worship the Goddess, we bow. To Change, to Perfection, to Dissolution, we bow. To the Goddess who is the welfare that Sustains the Earth, we bow.

Jai Maa!



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