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Special Announcement: Lalita Chandika Temple

Lalita Chandika Temple

Due to travel, we will start back up the Lalita Sahasranama Satsangh in August.

Namaste Friends and Family,

It is with great pleasure that I write to you today to bring clarity on some of the changes at Lalita Chandika Temple.

But first, I want to thank you for allowing me to serve the community in the capacity of stewards of the Devi Mandir deities for close to three years.

Many of you have written to me, encouraged me, thanked me for my service, and communicated to me how the several articles have changed your life. I thank you for that and I sincerely hope you will allow me to continue serving you in that capacity.

As the Goddess transforms things, many of you have noticed changes over the past year at the Lalita Chandika Temple, mostly due to the Covid pandemic.

For example, we were not able to continue with physical programs at the temple, and so to save costs we moved the deities to a private residence and discontinued programs for several months.

Shree Maa also had requested for us to pause our emails and programs to you for six months so we could focus on sadhana. We did so.

Our six month sabbatical was complete in June, and we very eagerly started up our emails to you about four weeks ago.

No doubt you noticed the beautiful new deities which were created and displayed on the website. So much wonderful feedback we received from you all.

Given all of this change, I am pleased to inform you of a few more changes. I encourage you all to approach these changes in a positive light, as we are.

First, Shree Maa has decided that She wants to focus Her efforts on the Devi Mandir and its programs. She no longer will She be affiliated with the Lalita Chandika Temple. While we are sad about this, we understand that it opens up a powerful opportunity to continue to create something unique and meaningful for you all.

Second, the board of Lalita Chandika Temple (Raj and I) are super enthused to continue to offer the following from the Lalita Chandika Temple:

  • We are set to start up the Lalita Ambika Mandir and Monastery in Houston, Texas with brand new deities. We also have a physical location for the Chandika Devalaya in California (though we are not ready to launch that yet). It is our objective to allow the endless Divine Energy to manifest itself physically in both locations for 1,000 years, which was the sankalpa taken by the Gurus. We are focused on completing that sankalpa.

  • Our mission is to help devotees to achieve loving empowerment. Our goal is to marry the scriptures with the modern world issues and challenges, one of them being empowerment.

  • We show a path of how to be in this world where you have a strong back (stand tall, stand up for dharma, as you were not made to be weak) but also have a soft front (address the world with gentle, loving, compassion).

  • We have started charitable programs for the sick (i.e. Shivani's Lyme Support) and will continue to offer special courses on gratitude and empowerment that several of you have already benefited from. We will continue those programs, and develop much, much more.

  • We have been blessed with a library of hundreds of ancient Hindu scriptures and manuscripts and our goal is to preserve this library for humanity.

  • We have begun Lalita Sahasranama chanting and satsang.

  • Finally, we have launched a massive sankalpa to write to you on the names of Lalita Devi and how you can experience Her in everyday life. Thank you for all of the great reviews so far on this by the way.

And so, I will reiterate that it is our pleasure serving in this capacity. We sincerely thank all of our supporters and request for your continued engagement. Though we are two separate organizations, the Devi Mandir and the Lalita Chandika Temple, we are united as One heart in our objectives - to Serve. This change just simply helps both groups focus on their individual missions.

Now, it goes without saying that I understand should you choose to unsubscribe to our email list because of these changes. You always have the freedom to do so. We will be sad to see you go, but we do understand.

I send my love to you all,

Swamini Pushpa Rashmoni Maa (Pushpa)



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