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Shree Maa's January Sankalpa

My Beloved Children,

Happy New Year to you all! I send my love and blessings and good spirits to you on the start of an auspicious new decade.

Please start this new year, this new decade, with a fresh beginning.

Wipe the past clean and be sincere in setting your new year intentions.

Take some time today to think about your goals. The sankalpa I am giving is very simple, yet very powerful, and will focus your spiritual intent.

But before we review the sankalpa, I want to acknowledge that most of you have already defined the changes you would like to make in 2020, such as things you would like to do, tasks to add to your daily routine, sadhana you would like to perform, and major objectives you would want to accomplish.

While setting these goals, please do not forget to omit those things that no longer serve you. Omitting bad habits and time wasters will free yourself for more productive endeavors.

As for your spiritual intentions, this month's mantra very clearly focuses on your main life objective, which is merging with God - Union with the One True Infinite Universal Consciousness. Please chant this mantra 108 time per day (1 mala) in January :

Oṁ True Existence, Infinite Consciousness, One Supreme Divinity, I am One with God!


May you have a blessed New Year,

~ Shree Maa



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