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Shree Maa's Holiday Message of Peace

December 25, 2019

My Beloved Universal Family,

Happy Holidays!

This year my Christmas blessing is very simple, but sometimes the simplest of things has the most profound impact if executed with sincerity.

I bless you with Peace. Peace to All.  Peace on Earth.  Peace in the Heavens.  Bless you all with Peace, Peace, Peace. ~ Shree Maa

Today, think about how you can create Peace in your life and put together a plan for this new year, in 2020, to make it happen.


More on Creating a Plan of Peace...

Peace is our natural state of being but unfortunately because conflict and chaos often predominate our lives, we define Peace as the negation, or the absence, of conflict and chaos. 

If we step back and really analyze where conflict comes from, it most assuredly comes from one core belief that, if corrected, can create peace in our world. 

The core belief that pervades the human mind is this:  "I am a body in the world that is separate from the world around me." 

When "separative consciousness" pervades every mind, conflict is created as each person competes with the other for their share of the pie and looks out for their own personal desires in what we believe is a world with limited resources. 

This creates disharmony and resentment in our personal relationships and family. 

On a bigger scale, this manifests as communities that form with like-minded beliefs who begin to clash with other communities that think differently.

On an even grander scale, countries begin to look out for their own interests which creates wars and turmoil in the world.

But think about this - it all starts with that one core belief - that we are separate from each other and the world around us competing for limited resources. 

If we change this one belief, the conflict in our hearts will stop and we will begin to create a different world - a world of harmony, compassion, and love for all. We begin to see the world as it is - abundant - and not limited.  

  Contemplate this and realize the interconnectedness of everything around you. The very essence of all that exists is the Divine Shakti, the Divine Energy, our Mother, the Goddess. See Her in everyone and everything. 

How?  The sadhana (spiritual practice) of Selfless Service to humanity is SO important because through selfless service we step out of our separative consciousness and begin to realize our connectedness to others. 

Use this wisdom as a foundation to put together a plan to create peace in your heart, your relationships, and your world. In 2020, dissolve your separative consciousness into the nectar of Divine Energy. 

Jai Maa! 



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