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Scheduled Worship: Dec 7 - 8

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Join us : Dec 7 - 8, , 2019

Saturday Night with Shree Maa:

Hanuman Puja and Kirtan

Hanumanji is the Lord of Devotion and Strength and worshiping Him will bring unending devotion, immense faith, fearlessness and the desire to perform selfless service.

On Saturday nights at 6:00 pm, we will perform Hanuman Puja, read a Ramakrishna excerpt, and sing bhajans. This program will be done every Saturday night until further notice.

Join Us!


Samasti Chandi Homa with Shree Maa

Chandi Maa is the Goddess who tears apart thoughts that feed the ego.

Chandi Path is Her story of how She moves Her devotees to the inner sanctuary of true peace and happiness.

The Chandi Homa (fire ceremony) is particularly powerful if we offer to Mother all of our troubles, our afflictions, and the ego itself.


Ganesha Homa

Lord Ganesha brings wisdom, peace, and prosperity to all endeavors. He is the first worshiped and is traditionally worshiped at a time of new beginnings and to overcome obstacles.

Make a commitment today to change your life by attaining His blessing! Join Archarya Virgagji as he leads us through a Homa to Lord Ganesha.

Jai Ganesha!



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