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Open Your Hearts, Expand Your Thinking

Daily Inspiration: January 3, 2020


There are two primary modes of thinking: convergent and divergent.

In convergent thinking, thoughts tend to focus on matter and the outer world of people, places, and situations. Convergent thinking is primarily problem solving and can catch us in endless loops of thinking over the same old problems or situations, sometimes with no relief. 

Divergent thinking opens us up to multiple opportunities and pathways forward. In the spiritual context, divergent thinking is a creative process where we realize the divine energy inside of us and the interconnection of all there is. 

Sadhana helps us to feel this divine energy, and then consciously we expand this feeling and realize that this universal source energy, the shakti, is inherent in everyone and everything. With this realization, there are multiple outcomes open for any given situation, and they are all accepted without resistance.  

Today, open your heart and focus your thoughts on divergent thinking. Let go of narrow-mindedness and be aware of when your mind jumps into a circular loop of thought. Step out of it and see the connection between all there is. 

Jai Maa!



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