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Navaratri 2019

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

Join us for a grand Navaratri Celebration at the Lalita Chandika Temple from Sept 29 through Oct 8.

Navaratri is the most auspicious time to worship the Divine Mother.

This year, all of the pujas will be performed by Archarya Virag Triphati, who is a Vedic priest from Varanasi, trained in the Shankaracharya tradition.

This is a perfect time to come together with love and devotion. Please read below for more details and let us know you are coming by registering for the event now!


About Navaratri: Nine Nights Celebrating the Mother Goddess

What is Navaratri? Navaratri is an nine night celebration of Goddess Durga, who blesses her devotees with success, abundance, and spiritual progress. Durga Maa is the Universal Divine Mother. By worshiping Her, we remove our darkness (tamas), which is seen as the confusion that takes us in the wrong direction. Durga awakens our clarity so that we have proper direction in life.

The Program

For all of the days of Navaratri, we will be performing puja, and conclude with a morning fire ritual on the 10th day. The daily program is as follows:

7:30 am Arati (waking up the Gods and Goddess')

10:30 am  Aahuti (oblations) to the fire; homa 11:00 am Chandi Path Recitation 1:00 pm Dressing up the Goddess (Shringar)

3:00 pm Archana (puja to the Goddess) 4:00 pm Break

5:30 pm  Evening Ritual (Puja) 9:00 pm  Arati

9:15 pm Dinner

10:00 pm Kirtan and Dance

11:30 pm Close for the Evening

On each day, a different from of Goddess Durga will be worshiped.

Sept 29, 2019 Shailaputri

Sept 30, 2019 Brahmacharini

Oct 1, 2019 Chandraghanta

Oct 2, 2019 Kushmanda

Oct 3, 2019 Skandamata

Oct 4, 2019 Katyayani

Oct 5, 2019 Kalaratri

Oct 6, 2019 Maha Gauri

Oct 7, 2019 Siddhidatri

Oct 8, 2019 Vijayadashimi

Everyone is invited to attend the entire program, or for as many days as you like.

What to wear and what to bring:

Please wear traditional Indian clothing. Please bring your aasan and a water bottle. You may elect to bring flowers and fruits as offerings – red colored is best. Most importantly, bring yourself and your devotional heart.


There will be ample opportunities to serve during this program. Please sign up for seva when you register.


Any amount of contribution is gladly accepted and greatly appreciated and will be used to cover all expenses of the pujas, homas, prasad and to also give Brahman Dakshina.

Those who worship and sponsor Navaratri events will attain Divine Mother's grace and be filled with an abundance of peace, wisdom, and radiant light. For that reason, we are offering daily sponsorships. You may sponsor one day, or multiple days. For daily sponsors, the priest will include your name in that day's sankalpa.

Thank you!


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