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Chaitra Navaratri 2020


March 24 - April 2, 2020

Namaste Friends and Family,

Navaratri is a time to worship the Goddess and obtain the Her blessing. There is no better time to worship Her than on the auspicious days of Navaratri, and especially as our communities and all of humanity battles through these difficult times with the COVID-19 virus.

We deliberated long and hard on whether or not to keep the Temple open to the public during this time. We have decided that our role in the community is to provide peace to humanity, prayers for health, prosperity, and spiritual upliftment, and hope for our community.

As such, the Temple pujaris are continuing their daily pujas and will be celebrating Navaratri as usual. All are welcome to join, but we ask for you to take special precautions and stay home should you not be feeling well, or if you have been in contact with others who have been sick.

For those who cannot make it to the temple, if you have a prayer request, please enter it by clicking HERE.

Chaitra Navaratri is in the Spring and is observed from the Pratipada (1st day) to the Navami (9th day) during the Shukla Paksha (the waxing phase of moon) in the Chaitra month of the traditional Hindu calendar.

Chaitra is the month which typically falls between March and April. In 2020, Chaitra Navaratri is celebrated from March 24th through April 2nd.



Below is a list of the Temple activities during Navaratri. Please let us know if you are coming by registering HERE.

  • Daily Arati: 6:30am, 12 Noon, 6pm

  • Daily Samasti Upasana Puja (Cosmic Puja) will follow the Morning Arati

  • Daily Yagneshwar Shiva Puja (inside the temple) and Napeshwar Shiva Puja (outside the temple) will also be performed between 7:00 am and 9:00 am

  • Tuesday March 24 , 11:00 AM - Kali Sahashranam Homa

  • Wednesday March 25, 11:00 AM -  Laxshmi Sahashranam Homa

  • Thursday March 26, 11:00AM -  Saraswati Sahashranam Homa

  • Friday March 27, 11:00AM -  Nine Durgas Japa Homa

  • Saturday March 28, 5:00PM -  Kali Sahashranam Homa, Arati, Kirtan, Prasad Dinner

  • Sunday March 29, 9:30AM -  Chandi Path Homa, Arati, and Prasad Lunch

  • Sunday March 29, 1:00 pm - Ganesh Puja with Archarya Viragji

  • Monday March 30, 11:00AM - Nine Durgas Japa Homa

  • Tuesday March 31, 11:00AM -  Kali  Sahashranam Homa

  • Wednesday April 1, 11:00AM - Laxshmi Sahashranam

  • Thursday April 2,  11:00AM - Saraswati Sahashranam


This Navaratri, take advantage of the heightened energy vibrations and pray to Her to purify yourself, your world, and all those who are suffering.

Jai Maa!



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