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Durga Devi at Lalita Ambika Mandir
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Lakshmi blessing
durga and lion
Saraswati side glance
Saraswati instrument wide
Saraswati Rosary

The Lalita Chandika Temple and community is a place of bliss and empowerment for the devotees of Divine Mother. The temple quenches the thirst for spiritual longing and communion with the Divine.

Our Mission is to allow the endless grace of the all powerful Divine Energy to manifest itself physically and be reflected in each and every one of the devotees.


This manifestation of Divinity grows and perpetuates its blessing to all of those that participate in the mission and the community.  

When one comes into contact with the charged atmosphere from the temples, or one performs the sadhana (spiritual practices), that same Divinity grows within the seeker and blossoms into a life filled with love, faith, fearlessness, and abundance.


Above all, our mission is to help devotees to achieve loving empowerment.  We show a path of how to be in this world where you have a strong back (stand tall, stand up for dharma, as you were not made to be weak) but also have a soft front (address the world with gentle, loving, compassion). 

Every one of us goes through rough times in life. Times when we are knocked down. Times when we are physically not well.  Times when we have been rejected or abandoned. Times when we were completely overlooked for a promotion, or manipulated out of doing what was in our hearts, or maybe even slandered unfairly.  Whatever your personal situation, we are here for you! 


We believe every obstacle can be turned into an advantage and that every problem is actually the grace of the Goddess preparing us for the next step in life.   

~ Swamini Srimata Pushpa Rashmoni Maa (Pushpa)



Our Objective is tcarry on the teachings of our Gurus and to ultimately be an example of Dharma for future generations. 

Our sankalpa (goal) is to fulfill the commitment to the community to provide a Temple/Mandir that will sustain itself for at least 1,000 years.  We invite you all to join us in accomplishing this extraordinary sankalpa!  As part of our last six months of sadhana, we have been hand decorating five-metal deities, as the metal frame will stand the test of time. 

Ganesha Five Light.png

The Lalita Chandika Temple was born out of Divine Mother's compassion and desire to establish Herself in Northern CA and Houston TX.

This temple is dedicated to Lalita Devi, who is the Playful Goddess of the Universe, and to Goddess Chandika,  the Goddess who Tears Apart Thought.


Though Lalita Devi and Goddess Chandika pack a one-two punch, all of the traditions of Divine Mother are followed here.


The Temple's goal is to serve humanity by bringing Divine Mother's consciousness to everyone!


The Temple aims at being an energy center for study and propagation of sacred scriptures and knowledge.

(handcrafted by Srimata Pushpa Maa)
durga long.png

The temples are currently closed due to the covid-19 pandemic, which has caused us to retreat into a private setting. 


The Lalita Ambika Mandir in Houston, TX,  will be open for darshan of Mother by the end of July.  

The Chandika Devalaya in California is currently conducting online Lalita Sahasranama chanting every Sunday at 9:00 am PST. 

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Lalita Chandika Temple is a 501c(3) non-profit.
IRS tax exemption number is 83-0662703

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