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Join Shree Maa for Mother's Day

Updated: May 7, 2019

Namaste Friends and Family,

Honor our Beloved Mother, Shree Maa, on Mother's Day.

We will be celebrating at the Lalita Chandika Temple on Saturday, May 11, at 6:00 pm. Join us at the Temple or through live-streaming. Jai Maa!

Let us know by that you will be coming. Click HERE to RSVP.


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Shree Maa inspired me to try to chant 600,000 Guru Mantras plus my other assigned pujas and Patha in 6 months to kill my 6 inner enemies of lust, greed, anger, pride, delusion, and jealousy. I’ve not killed all my six inner enemies yet but the Sankalpa She made on Mother’s Day is helping me to persist through the inevitable difficulties of life on Earth. Jai Maaa.

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